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Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) applies to the company.

It is absolutely prohibited from conducting any type of SPAM, understanding why any form of unsolicited e-mail, newsgroups, IRC message, instant messaging, mobile or fixed and generally any form of communication that will engage with users, in accordance with the provisions of the rules may apply.

Failure to comply with the prohibition of carrying out SPAM will result in automatic termination and therefore the cancellation of the account.

MONETIA S.L. take place strict controls on its Anti-Spam Policy, which will take effect automatically after the inclusion of these at the sites of Affiliates and adjusted as provided in the following clauses.


In the body of the email or text to promote MONETIA S.L. can never be content of those classified as “Hardcore or” XXX “, which may contain images only regard as” Softcore “. However, this shall not apply to those hyperlinks leading to material other than the original content.


The affiliate acknowledges and accepts the terms of the Anti-Spam Policy as described in this document and agree that MONETIA S.L. may modify it at any time as deemed appropriate, entering into force the new conditions from the time publication on the web.


MONETIA S.L. expressly prohibits affiliated with this website collecting email addresses or phone numbers or mobile without the consent of the owners and this fact because of termination or cancellation of account automatically.

Similarly, the affiliate agrees under penalty of cancellation not send emails or text messages or make calls or engaging in any promotional media to any person for which can not demonstrate that it has made a request verifiable information or consented to the transfer of advertising.

It also will result in automatic termination and cancellation of the account, any complaint of spam against an affiliate of this website.

Under this, MONETIA S.L. recommended to members of the website to have an electronic record stating how they obtained the email addresses used in the mail, mobile phone numbers used or any other data used in promotional action to consider.


Before sending any email or sms you promote to MONETIA S.L., the member must be on our approved list of affiliates.

Also, in all cases, the recipient should have expressly authorized the reception of e-mail or text message, either by her own behalf or in response to a clear and evident request of approval.


For an email address or mobile phone number to enter a list, the copyright holder must be expressly agreed to it.

When the mail sender is someone other than who the original recipient transmitted the aforesaid approval, it must have received a notice clearly and conspicuously at the time of having communicated the consent of the electronic mail address or mobile phone number could be transferred to the third party in order to start sending emails and / or text messages with commercial purposes.


7.1. Emails

The header of the promotional emails must comply with standards that are applicable to the transfer of advertising and, in particular, have technically veritable information and should not in any way misleading or confusion being due either to include a source address email a domain name or URL address of the person and the display of advertising matter of communication.

The person who initiated the message must be clearly identified in the “From”, must not be untrue or misleading nor give rise to confusion.

Also, in any case the emails should be forwarded or transmitted in order to hide the reality of their origin.

7.2. Text messages

Just as in the case of electronic mail, text messages must contain correct and clear information should not mislead recipients, always observing the rules that is applicable to the transfer of such items.

Similarly, the short number or cell phone number that initiated the message must be clearly identifiable and real, can not send messages from web portals for mobile operators that make it impossible to identify the sender.

The completion of the recipient sending a text message has to be done so that the receiver, you can always contact the sender of it.

7.3. Information “Subject”.

In the “subject” of any email promoting a MONETIA S.L. should appear in a clear and not misleading manner a warning about the existence of adult advertising content or if it is well

Similarly those emails that relate to advertising content or adult must carry out above, in the first case, a label that says “Advertising”, or possibly if the contents are for adults “Advertising adults”


8.1. Emails

All emails must have an email address or other Internet-based mechanism, to display a clear and conspicuous for the recipient to send-in the manner shown by the message a reply email or any other form of Internet-based communication requesting not to receive commercial emails from that sender.

The e-mail address or other mechanism referred to in the preceding paragraph shall remain active or capable of receiving these messages or notices permanently.

After receiving applications for leaving the user should be processed immediately

8.2. Text messages

Likewise, all text messages must contain a short number or cell phone number of origin to which the message receiver can answer asking not to receive text messages.

The short number or cell phone number must remain active sender permanently.

Received a request for removal, should be dealt with immediately


The violation of any rules that may apply to promotional mailings and / or the above rules by a member of MONETIA S.L. entail automatic cancellation of your account and forfeiture of all revenues and not paid until the time. Also, the affiliate can not create new accounts.

Do you have any complaints about Spam?, Send an email to the following address:

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